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Unique kitchen backsplash ideas in 2017

With backsplash ideas for stone, tile, glass, ceramic, and much more, you're sure to locate a kitchen backsplash design that matches your style as well as budget.
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Compile Colors

Vibrant brown and red tones in the kitchen backsplash tile echo the warm wood floors and cupboards, while steely grays help the sleek stainless steel appliances mix.

Modern Musings

Classic marble backsplashes easily translate to a modern space. With Carrara marble backsplashes, glossy Italian cabinets made of wenge wood offer a natural pairing in this kitchen that is modern. In the event you're contemplating countertops and marble backsplashes, have the rock sealed, but take into account that the stone is made by the sealant more stain-resistant, but not stain- proof. Wipe splatters up the moment they occur and regularly clean the marble having a neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and heated water. Never use products containing lemon, vinegar, or alternative acids or it may dull or etch the marble kitchen backsplash.

Cottage Charm

For a harmonious appearance, this kitchen wanted repetitious components with colored cupboards. A brilliant kitchen backsplash could have overpowered the robin's-egg blue cabinets. The result is a rustic bungalow kitchen, full of warmth and character.

Separate and Synchronized

The appearance ought to be cohesive from zone, although distinctive zones for food prep, cooking, and cleanup keep kitchen efficacy hum -to-zone. Choosing one kitchen backsplash treatment promotes continuity while some tile colors echo elements throughout the area to link components and materials.

Hardworking Wall

Keep the kitchen backsplash treatment simple when you wish a tidy, contemporary appearance. Just one sheet of glass, painted on the rear, lends color and easy-clean protection behind this range. The current kitchen backsplash goes in the countertop to the ceiling shining backdrop for the sculptural hood, as a simple.

Sea of Green

Subway tiles in many cases are easy on the budget and come in tons of colours, so creating a show-stopping kitchen backsplash gives you plenty of bang for your dollar.

Rustic Appeal

Clad from counter with durable chocolate-brown porcelain tiles to ceiling, this kitchen backsplash harmonizes with the creamy- color onyx and oak - veneer. To impart the look of natural stone, the backsplash was edged with dark-grey grout.

Enhance Spaciousness

Selecting one color (no pattern or texture) and clean-lined tile for the backsplash in a tiny kitchen keeps the appearance uncluttered and roomy. On this particular kitchen backsplash, long rectangular tiles feature rich brown (nearly black) colour that provides warm balance with white cabinetry, while giving the walls a sense of depth. The reflective outermost layer of the tile also brings added dimension to the kitchen backsplash thought.

Contemporary Combination

Flat-front cupboards set the stage for modern touches through the kitchen. Join the look that is sleek with a contemporary kitchen backsplash. Black and gray glass tiles run across the back wall and the thinness of the backsplash tiles makes this kitchen feel fresh and lively.

Tile design ideas for kitchen backsplash

Beautify your kitchen backsplash with among those stylish tile notions.

Soft and Soothing

The veining in the marble countertops inspired the quiet grey subway tiles. Soft gray, bordering on blue, helps create a kitchen that is calming. This classic kitchen gets a dose of lively color with blue and orange accents.

Small-Scale Pattern

You can readily pick for more design on the backsplash when kitchen cabinetry is comparatively easy and unadorned. The backsplash's neutral hues also mix well with all the kitchen's gray countertops and stainless-steel appliances.

Earth, Sky, and Sparkle

The tile backsplash and focal point tile mural are wow-factors in this nature-inspired kitchen. Limestone and crushed glass tiles in blue, neutral, and green shades add a bit of sparkle and resemble the earth and skies.

Natural Accents

Subway tile in various colours of green wrapping the kitchen, adding earthy tones plus a blast of colour to the white space. The kitchen is kept by the mix of light and dark colours from becoming overly heavy or too airy. The warm wood floors along with the green tiles provide a natural, outdoorsy feel to the kitchen.

Eye-Catching Inset

This kitchen is easy and symmetric with congruent cabinetry and its neutral colour palette. A gray ceramic-tile backsplash matches the room’s color scheme and design, but an eye-catching inset above the range instantly adds a visual interest on an extended wall. The tiles that were angled are framed with a slightly arched top, attracting focus to the space while aligning with the kitchen’s fashion.

History Maker

This 1930s bungalow gets a contemporary edge with slick, white-oak cupboards boasting full-overlay slab doors.

Character Quencher

A topic can be communicated by textural tiles on a backsplash. To the lakeside place of the home, a rippled surface on watery blue subway-style tiles talk in this kitchen. The tiles also line a niche over the range, developing a perch that is handy for cooking oils and utensils.

kitchen backsplash tiles

Rich Contrasts

Using one simple tile in a two-color palette gives stunning crisp current allure to this kitchen.

Worldly Goods

Bring a touch of import style into the kitchen using tile with global influences. These backsplash tiles feature a Moroccan lantern shape with a glossy, unfettered finish that updates the appearance and keeps it simple.

Laminate countertops and backsplash ideas in 2017

Laminate countertops, an affordable alternative can be purchased in several styles and colors and can stand around spots and scratches.

Wood Laminate Countertop

The light wood color discovered in the trim and ceiling is picked up in the laminate countertop, which is durable and keeps the space feeling airy. A chrome faucet, stainless steel sink and galvanized aluminum backsplash reflect light across the kitchen.

Soapstone-Look Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Soapstone continues to be put to use for countless decades as a countertop, and its own popularity endures, as do themselves to the countertops: soapstone fans swear by their durability. These slabs of stability do not come cheap, though, and you will probably be looking at upwards of $80 per square foot, while prices change. This laminate lookalike boasts a more realistic, natural rock look.

laminate kitchen countertops

Budget-Friendly Laminate Countertops

By far the most budget-friendly option, laminate countertops are enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to new patterns that resemble wood, natural stone as well as quartz at a portion of the price. Retro, midcentury resembles the omnipresent boomerang and brilliant, saturated colors are several other fashionable alternatives to consider.

Realistic Patterns

This laminate countertop mimics exotic veining, with swirls of brown, blue and gold, and granite. Revealed: 180fx Blue Storm.

Travertine-Look Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop

Travertine is synonymous with luxury, and that comes at a price. The natural variation in the warm-colored rock is appealing, once you figure out the cost of utilizing slabs of travertine on your kitchen counters, but you might feel a little more cooly toward it. Formica has developed a solid-surface stuff which is affordable (compared to the pricey natural rocks) and nicely mimics their look and feel. If you’re contemplating travertine but desire to look at a more budget-friendly choice, attempt Formica’s solid surface countertops .

Stylish Integrated Sink

Water-resistant laminate surfaces are ideal near the sink. This countertop, a new innovation is harmonious with a seamless integrated sink for simple cleanup.

Luxurious Options

These laminate surfaces mimic remarkable black marble and creamy taupe marble to get a lavish look affluent with contrast. Revealed: Calcutta Marble and Black Alicante.

Imitation Granite Countertop in Traditional White Kitchen

This granite look-alike from Wilsonart is really laminate but unlike previous laminate countertops features a realistic, larger rock design and rounded border to get a high end granite look at a portion of the price.

Pick a Color

Highpressure laminate countertop is a stylish selection that’s simple on the budget. The surface that is durable can be obtained in a wide selection of shades.

White countertops white cabinets design ideas

Bring out a more modern energy within your kitchen with a dash of new countertops across the space. As it pertains to quartz really brighten up the concentrated spot of the home and you might want to go the course that is arctic. Inspire your kitchen renovation with their unique layouts and one of these 20 white quartz countertops.

With Cottage Style

In spite of a more modern, quartz countertop, you'll be able to produce a friendly and charming cottage-style kitchen around it. Simply look at this peek of a gorgeous, female kitchen with both a dab of vintage flair and contemporary allure.

With Bistro Feels

Create yourself a French-style bistro right inside your house complete with European accents, white quartz countertops and beautiful, velvety blues as well as lavenders !

Quartz kitchen countertops

With The Family

For those who really have countertop and an island that performs as a table too, you’ll love the way quartz can be versatile enough to fit each of these functions. Just look only at that innovation!

With Delicacy

There’s something extremely soft and delicate about this modern kitchen and we adore that. It feels more welcoming and cosy without rambling away from a posh and polished finish together with the blend of stainless steel appliances and quarts tops.

With Black

Of course, anything white will probably look great alongside a black counterpart. A classic, ageless addition of both fashion and interior design, black and white kitchens play nicely together – including the cabinet and countertop pair.

With A Bar

Whether your breakfast bar is small or big, make it a bold focus by adding a white to a darker-themed room. It creates a spot to assemble and love at first glance.

With Wood

Check out the amazing contrast of a rustic, wooden along with a thick, white quartz countertop island and accent. This might be the route like to take you’d should you'd like something using a striking and bold look at first.